BizTool is a new business intelligence software born thanks to the union of different professions (Management, Informatics, Mathematics) concerning management and handling of business information.

It aims at organizing Companies  information flows  to give the Direction Board a tool (BizTool) able to effectively safeguard the Company’s business and take immediate and focused decisions, both in the final balance and through budgeting systems.

Thanks to the support of particularly developed algorithms, it was possible to realize a new software with three key features:

Ease, Flexibility and Usability. Easy to use, flexible for each management software and user friendly for anyone in the Company.

Biztool does not fit rigid and pre-configured schemes, but it allows complete freedom  in customizing all the necessary parameters to manage different business processes.

Biztool goes beyond  the typical passive and belated approach of traditional data processing with the introduction of an integrated and dynamic sensors system, represented by dashboards and scorecards, aiming at taking both strategic and operational decisions.

BizTool allows to implement the system of management control in an intuitive way, making the budgeting tools effective through in-depth analysis of variances, by correlating volumes size with economic and  financial-oriented assessments.

Biztool manages the Company’s information, monitors the soundness and quality of the data management system, creating targeted information that involve cross-sectional and discretional analysis of the Company events (Big Data).

Web Based


Drill Down to navigate the data in depth


Multi Company


Extremely configurable dashboard


Multi User



Automatic alerts based on thresholds emergency


Social integration technologies


Data Mining



BizTime has been created as a solution for Labour Intensive processes, where the time/men resource is the main cost driver. Therefore it can be used  both in Service and Manufacturing Companies.

BizTime is also the ideal tool to implement an ABC or ABM system in the Company, as it splits the hours/men entry in a set of activities related to the different internal functions.

BizTime makes it easy to build a network of information flows that helps determine the driver, workload and productivity of each business activity, creating over time an operational database for continuous improvement.

From a technical point of view BizTime is a web-based form input, and therefore it does not require any specific software installations on the users’ workstations because it only needs a web browser.

From the functional point of view BizTime has upgraded over the years thanks to tools coming from the experience of thousands of users and this  makes its use friendly and smart. Among these tools we recall for example:

  • the choice to insert pre-compiled default lines
  • the ability to manage recurring activities
  • records automatic back-up
  • 3 modes for  time entry: direct, via web stopwatch or by start – end date
  • algorithms based on neural networks to control consistency
  • filling up to 20 dimensions of data input, such as business area, market, customer, service, order, etc.
  • reports of insertion errors during the compilation phase
  • integrated system with user reports manager, used to monitor the systematic inclusion of data and  to  graphically show what has been entered
  • dynamic coupling with registries like those contained in the management system, such as clients registry,  orders list, etc.

BizTime smoothly interfaces with BizTool, which, in addition to allowing views and reports of different kinds about  the entered data, also allows to analyze and get insights of those processes that optimize the processes themselves, with particular emphasis on the determination of rates per hour, cycle times, workloadmargins, etc.


Managing recurring activities

Default Management, Todo and copy records


extreme configurability

filling up to 20 dimensions of imputation of the data, such as business area, market, customer service, order, etc.


All entered data are automatically saved

Document manager

integrated system with manager reporting user, and to monitor the systematic inseirmento data, both graphically as entered

insertion Time

direct insertion, via stopwatch, hour start and end

Connection to Management Software

dynamic coupling with registries such as those contained in the management system, such as client details, personal orders, etc.

advanced algorithms

algorithms based on neural networks to control consistency

Auto Check

alert at compile time in the event of entry errors


BizData is the sum of the Partners  techniques, skills and experience focused on  getting the best value from  the business data.

BizData continuously searches for new solutions and techniques for the customers, drawing from the methods of Big Data, that is to say databases that meet the following characteristics:

  • Volume, in order to respond in a more effective and sharp way  to the inevitable oversize of the Company databases, key source that  the Company has to value and appreciate;
  • Speed, to suit the needs of more and more up to date and timely information, in a business environment where the speed of the  decision-making chain, if based upon reliable information, can be the key to survival and success, in an increasingly competitive market (“fast fish eats slow fish”);
  • Variety, to make a process of information integration systematic and organized, coming from different sources, both structured (database) and non-structured (emails, documents, web, ..).

BizData simplifies and automates repetitive tasks for the processing of business data, thus allowing  to free up time for human resources to address to more crucial issues, such as data analysis.

BizData allows a fastunambiguous, objective, cross and automatic extraction of useful information for the Company management.

BizData, from a technical point of view, uses

  • ETL techniques for data handling  (cleaning, completion, aggregation, integration, ..);
  • Data mining algorithms to uncover important information that might be hidden in the data (Outlier detection, Clusternig, Association, ..);
  • Predictive algorithms (Regression, ANN, ..) aiming at anticipating major corporate events (Forecaster, Customer Analysis, etc.)


customized for any information need of the customer



highlight real-time critical aspects of the business


Kit Tools Operating

information management company’s key (KPI)


With BizTool, BizService makes the  decision-making process easier and the Company traditional approach to Business Intelligence more simple. Besides, it helps making the users more responsible by offering them the opportunity to turn the type of analysis they are more interested in a quick and straight-away one.

BizService provides a consulting service that guides users to the best satisfaction of their information “Needz”.

In addition, BizTool consultants offer their help  both on site and remotely, providing management and IT expertise with solutions and strategies that fit the Company size, speed up the decision making process and support the return of investment.

Eventually, thanks to BizService activities, BizTool consultants give their support to the final users, with their experience and know-how, thus ensuring the success of applications and providing expertise for the Company data analysis, monitoring and forecasting.


Experience Company and Information for businesses




Concreteness to the achievement of goal




Heart and Mind united for the customer



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